How It All Began...

Ever gone away on holiday, fallen in love with a product and thought that would go great back home? That’s what we did.

Our business was founded in a real ‘eureka’ style moment! In 2003 after trekking Machu Picchu Peru Kieron and his now wife discovered an amazing beer called Cusqueña “CUS-KEN-YA”. We celebrated by drinking (a rather considerable amount) and thought it was one of the best beers we’d ever tasted.  We woke without hangovers and called it “magic beer”.  After repeating this for a second night we thought it too good to be true.

We researched it on the internet and established it was made from some of the purest water on earth from way up in the Andes, it was also all natural ingredients and was the only Latin beer brewed to the coveted German purity laws.

That explained the no headaches!

To cut a long story short; by raiding credit cards, savings and leaning on family we set up a ‘drinks sales & marketing agency’ called Chilli Marketing in 2004.

The agency was to specialise in providing total UK brand development to top quality international beverage brands, namely at that time Cusqueña. We started selling Cusqueña to the very top of the bar and restaurant trade from the backs of a Fiat Punto and a clapped out Rover in Manchester!


Chilli Today...

Chilli Marketing is a premium business focused on the development of top quality brands.

Nine years later we employ over 30 people across 5 continents, operating from the UK, Australia, South Africa and China. Our award-winning energetic and highly experienced team, combined with our locations, gives us access to the very best places to develop our brands.
We have built strong relations across our markets to provide bars, hotels, restaurants and retailers with great brands that excite their customers, as well as increasing profit through high turnover of product.
Our great brands and our growing geographic spread means that an ever increasing number of people can share the great experiences of our products at every occasion, no matter where they are in the world.
This is why 'Building Brands That People Love' is at the core of what we do.
Chilli offer a complete market solution for companies seeking to develop their brands in the markets we operate in.
We are experts in understanding how each product fits in the market place, how it relates to different consumers and how best to strategically approach growing them organically. With our in-depth consumer understanding we constantly look for new trends and develop leading brands today for tomorrow's market.