A chance encounter with a US beer in the late 1990s sparked Ben Kooyman’s taste for flavoursome beers.

It wasn’t until years later in 2006, after a career in the wine and spirits industry, that Ben decided to combine the philosophies of winemaking, with his pursuit of delicious beers.

Aided with the passion and expertise of partners Andy Steward (a former wine maker) and Dan Hastings (a corporate executive), the Endeavour Brewing Company was born.

After three years building relationships with farmers and researching different ingredients, the recipes were finalised.

With the backing of 35 of their mates, the first Endeavour beer was brewed and sold.
Our mission is to bring an end to bland tasting beer because we believe it should be as distinctive tasting and pleasurable as wine.

It’s A Matter Of Taste.”

For more information please visit endeavourbeer.com