Farmison & Co

Farmison&Co are an online premium butchers, dedicated to campaigning the nation to Eat Better Meat, providing the very best quality from the largest range of heritage cuts and breeds in the UK, and making them available nationwide, at competitive prices.

We are an online butchers, offering a tailored customer experience through detailed insights into the heritage of our breeds, an education of each cut and produce that we offer, as well as our recommendations for ensuring maximum taste satisfaction.

We’re committed to providing an excellent customer experience

Our online ordering gives our customers information and recipe inspiration access to restaurant quality cuts not available from supermarkets and delivery of fresh meat direct to the door in our special stay fresh boxes.

We Promise

The very best British meat selected and sourced by our Michelin-starred Executive Development Chef

Many products are exclusive to Farmison & Co

Competitive and accessible

Freshly cut, delivered to your door within 48 hours

Largest range of Heritage cuts and breeds in the UK

We use heritage breeds to preserve them

It's good to eat and enjoy native and rare breed meat that is ethically reared. Not only does it deliver better taste but increasing demand shows farmers that there is a market for these heritage breeds, encouraging them to rear them. Without a demand for their meat, many breeds would die out altogether.

British Breeds taste better

From pork, lamb, mutton, beef and goat, our range of heritage breeds are all available in a number of traditional and forgotten cuts.
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